We are delighted to be offering everyone the opportunity to present again this year, through GFN Fives. Our innovative replacement for conference posters, GFN Fives are open to all and free to submit. In no more than five minutes, present a slideshow with a recorded voiceover, create an animation or use your smartphone or webcam to record a video. Share your nicotine-related news, views or research, interview someone interesting or tell us about your consumer advocacy work. Introduced at GFN21, the GFN Fives were a huge success, attracting over 80 entries - watch the published videos here.

The GFN Five content categories are broad - for example, we would be keen to hear about science, research and innovation in nicotine and tobacco harm reduction, policy, legislative and regulatory issues, and consumer advocacy or regional news.

To get you thinking about your GFN Five, here are some of our favourite GFN Fives from GFN21 and GFN22:

Submit GFN Fives

sCOPe - Streaming Consumers on Point EVERYWHERE Livestream 2021

Multiple Consumer THR Organisations

Clinical and Behavioral Research for Next Generation Product Assessment

Dr. Nveed Chaudhary

International Association on Smoking Control & Harm Reduction


Possible formats for the "Fives" include:

  • PowerPoint video presentations, with audio and/or video accompaniment;
  • Descriptive videos demonstrating new science and/or technology;
  • Short interviews or commentaries on specific issues;
  • Animation to illustrate an issue

Here are the broad categories for the "Fives":

  • Science and innovation;
  • Policy, legislative and regulatory issues;
  • Consumer advocacy, regional updates and general information;

GFN Fives should be no longer than 5 minutes.

GFN Fives selected for inclusion will be posted on the GFN 2023 website and will remain online as part of the archive site for the event.

Please allow us up to 3 weeks for processing, from submitting your Five. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 2 MAY 2023

We welcome Fives which are not in English but we do ask that you supply English subtitles in closed captions. You can add these to your video using YouTube.

The organisers reserve the right to determine what is published and ask that the content should be in the spirit of the conference in that it avoids any promotion of particular brands and/or organisations/companies and does not place the organisers in any legal jeopardy.

If you have any questions regarding the "GFN Fives" email us at help@gfn.events or use the contact form.